Transforming Self, Culture and Society through Consciousness-in-Action

Changing Our World from the Inside Out

We work with people working to change the world ... and seeking to liberate themselves in the process.

We have all been short changed, if not outright harmed, by the many injustices and inequities in our society. Those of us who have marginalized by race, class, gender and other forms of oppression. And, yes, even those of us who have been advantaged by how history has situated us differently. Impacted by dynamics of power and dominance, EVERYONE's integral well-being and development has been thwarted: our sense of self has been distorted; our sense of purpose, unclear; our inner being in search of alignment with our deepest values and highest principles.

This balance and harmony, the very qualities we seek to foster in our social and environmental justice work, are all too often not present in our own lives. Nor strong within our organizations and movements. No surprise there. The urgency of our people's struggles tend to occupy virtually all our time and our attention, leaving little energy to tend to the critically important inner dimension of well-being—the dimension of being that, consciously or unconsciously, guides how we do our work. The dimension within that can reveal whether or not we are "walking the talk" and "practicing what we preach." If we are, or not, putting our critical consciousness into action in all aspects of our lives.


1/3 Espresso, 1/3 Milk, and 1/3 soft microfoam that is always free poured. Optionally topped with character and what makes it better than the competition.
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Created by a high-pressure extraction of fine, evenly ground coffee, which is then evenly distributed and compacted. We always describe our products with passion and emotion to align with our brand values.
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  • A fantastic location for sipping some brew and working or people watching.
    Beverly Gardne
  • Fantastic coffee shop... any place that roasts their own beans is ok in my book.
    Benjamin Rodriquez
  • Consistently good coffee and a nice atmosphere to study or have a conversation.
    Ava Simpson

Edible Items

Brief and charismatic product descriptions will help provide vivid mental images, as well as those on screen.
  • Poppy Seed

    Always fresh, this bread will certainly make any day special, even Monday!
  • Sourdough

    Straight from Grandma's recipe book, this is a crowd favorite.
  • Croissant

    Roll up and get crumbs everywhere! Our croissants are super flaky!
  • Oatmeal

    Everyones favorite, even it may look like a cookie.
  • Sugar

    We added a sweet kick to this classic dessert. You will love it!
  • Key Lime

    Using the smallest limes with the biggest flavor is what makes our pies so good.

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Blonde Roast





Hot or Cold


Hot or Cold

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